Sunday, May 29

Milking it for all it's worth

(thanks to Scott for the title)

So, I know a lady who is still breast-feeding her 6 year-old. No kidding. I have no problem with breast-feeding in general, or women breast-feeding in public, so don't label me as some anti-baby, anti-mother, anti-family, anti-American feminazi. I just think this kid may end up having a problem. And what's with the mother? Now, I am not suggesting anything otherwise hinky about this lady, but I do have a theory that among those who are still breast-feeding post-toddler stage, those children are boys. I tried to find out demographic info on this, but Google was no help.

Here are some rules of thumb (hey, a thumb--perhaps that's an alternative) for when it may be time reconsider the meal plan:
Feel free to add your tips below. . . .

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