Monday, August 29

Proxy Bloggin'

Okay, so this is Jennifer and I'm in Natchez, Mississippi. We are getting some wind and minor rain here, but other than that not too much activity. Well, if you don't count the numerous times we've eaten. Anyway, back to the hurricane and TC, who is on the phone with me now. In true TC fashion, she's even managed to turn even my blogging experience into a cat blog. Turns out the Keltie kitten dashed out of the door and spent a few action packed minutes under the car. TC reports that she's lost power due to her favorite neighbor's large oak tree giving up the ghost and landing on some power lines.

According to the news station here, which is out of Jackson, Hattiesburg is going to be getting some tough winds pretty soon. I'll try to do the best I can to keep you informed, though I'm not as witty nor as internet savvy as TC.

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