Monday, August 29

Just How Long Can Three People and Three Cats Survive in a Hallway?

This is the question I'm currently asking about TC who is hunkering down as we speak. She's there with her moother, Scott, and three cats. I've talked to another friend in Hattiesburg who is also in the hallway with her husband and their animals. I've been doing a little digging to try and give you something about New Orleans. Truth be told, there's not a whole lot. There are some folks still blogging or trying to blog. Like I said, I'm not as internet savvy as TC, so just use the links in previous posts for blogs that may be coming out of New Orleans. There is basically NO electricity and the water is on the rise.

As for the weather where I am, its blustery and raining. We may see more wind than we earlier expected, but I think on the whole this is the best place we can be. I'm trying to stay in contact with TC about every hour so I can know what is happening. If there is anyone out there in the Ocean Springs area that can give me some information it would be greatly appreicated.

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