Monday, August 29

Hattiesburgers Nervous As Storm Rolls In

I've just spoken with TC who is now in her second hour with no power. It appears that most of Hattiesburg is now without electricity. She's also reported that her mother's house on the coast in Long Beach is beginning to flood and a tree has fallen on cars in the driveway. Local weather stations are saying now that Hattiesburg will get the ever-spooky eye wall with up to 100 mph winds.

I would like to say "wow, wasn't I smart to haul ass outta there", but most of that credit goes to my mother for being incredibly weather savvy and well, motherly-aka "get in the car and leaveNOW." When asked by one person how old I was in reference to my mother's mothering I replied that I was old enough to know that when momma yells, it's time to listen. I must admit to being somewhat jealous at first. I mean, I was going to miss all of the "excitement". But, after realizing that most of my friends back home were sweating to death in their hallways, I got over it quickly.

For those of you who want to know what's going on in New Orleans, I don't know a whole lot, but do know that most of the electricty gone and with no electricty to run the pumps, the bathtub, so to speak is filling up. There are reports of water coming into the first floor windows of two of the major hospitals. North of New Orleans in places like Hammond, this is where my brother and his family reside, there was some severe damage. Here in Natchez, the wind is starting to pick up as we get a few of the outer bands.

More news from TC and the gang as it comes in.

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